Dr. Renuka David

Wellness Expert | Doctor | Entrepreneur

An influencer and entrepreneur in the Wellness space, Dr Renuka shares inspiring lessons on leading a healthy and holistic lifestyle, specifically the importance of preventive medicine. Her passion lies in preventive healthcare and promoting healthy lifestyles to prevent non-communicable lifestyle diseases.

During her years as a medical professional, Renuka was exposed to various lifestyle challenges, all over India including interior tribal, rural and urban cities and districts, after having worked in many rural and urban hospitals. She was also a frontier doctor in contract with the Para Military Force treating injured soldiers, women and children. Over time, she realised the urgent need for ‘preventive’ healthcare over ‘curative’ healthcare, which led her to wellness consultancy.

A most sought-after speaker, she has addressed various forums like Rotary Lions Club, Police Ladies Club, CII, FICCI and colleges like Ethiraj, MCC, Sree Shasta Engineering, and WCC to name a few. She has contributed her articles to various newspapers and magazines and has been exclusively written about.

Renuka was honoured with the JAGAUR Women’s Achiever Award in 2014 and the prestigious India’s Most Exceptional Speaker award in the field of healthcare and wellness by the Human Rights Council of India.

A TEDx speaker, Renuka has also participated in television shows. Recently the Good News TV invited Renuka to host a talk show, wherein she was in conversation with inspirational personalities sharing their journeys of success, very often overcoming their share of pain and anguish by sheer courage, grit and determination.

Renuka has worked closely with women and children, starting with addressing young adults at schools, colleges, corporate offices and various women’s organizations. Apart from creating awareness, her work involved counselling, organizing workshops and calling experts to address concerning issues for various establishments.

She spearheads the annual Radiant Wellness Conclave which addresses wellness through 9 dimensions for overall well-being. Renowned speakers in their field of expertise from all over the world are invited to address an audience of about 400-500 people in Chennai as speakers and panelists.

Her YouTube channel features inspirational stories by people from all walks of life sharing their incredible personal experiences amidst extreme difficulties.

Renuka is also Managing Director of Radiant Medical Services, which offers job opportunities to underprivileged women who are trained in nursing as well as further training as health aides. Under Radiant Home Healthcare Services, these women are then sent for eldercare at homes and hospitals.

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