Adobe for Gazal Dhaliwal

Dear Gazal, Thank you so much for participating in this year’s Adobe For All Week. Your conversation with Amitabh Misra was so inspiring and informative, and the Adobe community was deeply moved by your journey and how you’re using storytelling to create a more equal world.
In the words of our employees:
• “You are so inspiring Gazal. More power to you.”
• “Kudos to you and family for the great courage you guys showed, you will be so inspiring for many!”
• “What an amazing human being… brave, bold, true to self…”
• “You are really brave and a source of courage for people around you. Truly inspiring.”
• “Am speechless and utterly humbled listening to Gazal ?”
• “Your story makes us reflect on how we can be more empathetic towards people around us – whose reality might be very different from us. One step for me is empathy and compassion.”
• “Love this thought, Gazal! Empathy works both ways.”
• “So inspiring & heartwarming and thank you for the reminder on empathy & acceptance”
• “Thanks so much for sharing your inspiring story and spreading the message of acceptance. You are tremendously brave to do what you do in the field you are in. Godspeed.”