Jul 04 2022

Apoorva Bapna & Deepak Kashyap: Nurturing Corporate Allies for Pride Month

When it comes to supporting Pride at work, how far have organisations come? Why is the Pride Month so relevant for businesses? And what can we gain from a stronger collaboration between corporates and the LGBTQ community? We brought in two guests to give us their perspectives from two very different lenses. Apoorva Bapna, Chief Culture Officer at WPP comes with a lens of how corporates are approaching diversity and inclusion and how Pride Month acts as an impetus. And counselling therapist Deepak Kashyap offers a voice for the community, bringing his rich layers of learning from years of working in sensitising businesses and creating more inclusive work places for queer people. Engage with our speakers and experts to build meaningful conversations on #PrideMonth, DEI, workplace sensitisation and more. Reach out at connect@tosb.in.