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Founder, Gaia Smart Cities, The next generation M2M, Telecom Service Provider, Former President, Reliance Jio Infocom, Author, Musician, Artist, Endurance Sportsman, Career Coach


To call Sumit multi-faceted would be a cliché—but it would also be the truth. Often, people pick one thing and specialise in it, while pursuing other interests as hobbies. For Sumit, however, every interest, every aspect of his life is a journey towards excellence. When he runs a business, it is, as he calls it, as a ‘brand ambassador for ideas’, leading to their successful delivery. As an artist, he has had international exhibitions of his paintings, as a musician performed on various platforms, as an endurance sportsman, run virtually every marathon or long-distance cyclathons. Recently, he has published his first book, Rules of the Game, a career management guide targeting professionals who want to fast-track their careers.

Sumit is currently setting up Gaia Smart Cities – The next generation M2M Telecom Service Provider. Across a career spanning management, technology and telecom roles, Sumit has held various leadership positions, managing industry professionals in large, hyper-growth companies in developed and emerging markets. These include, besides the Reliance Group, BearingPoint, where he was the Managing Director, KPMG Consulting and Philips India. He has lived and worked in India, the US, Australia and worked on assignments in many other countries across the world. Sumit has been an intrapreneur and has constantly innovated new ways to do things, for which he has been awarded at various platforms, making him one of the top CIOs on India, Top 10 CIO Asia-Pacific, and being named among the Global -50 CIOs from US InformationWeek.

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Dr. Sumit Chowdhury joins BARC India as technical advisor

Dr. Sumit Chowdhury joins BARC India as technical advisor

Five events that shaped Reliance Jio's Sumit D Chowdhury

Five events that shaped Reliance Jio’s Sumit D Chowdhury

Spectrum sharing, trading needed to facilitate smart cities

Spectrum sharing, trading needed to facilitate smart cities

Author Sumit Chowdhury Talks About the 'Rules of the Game'

Author Sumit Chowdhury Talks About the ‘Rules of the Game’


Doing what is Right: The Crisil Story

Rules of the Game : Discover, Learn, Invent the Art of Speeding Up Your Career

The Dispossessed: Victims of Development in Asia

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Besides his own spheres of excellence, Sumit is passionate about developing and advising the next generation of professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs. He has been mentoring, funding, and incubating several start-up companies in diverse areas like healthcare research, mobile and internet technologies and IT services. He is a mentor for the NEN and Start-up Leadership Program. He was also associated with the Mumbai Angels.

An engineer from IIT Kanpur, Sumit went on to pursue an MS and PhD from Carnegie Mellon University. He has also taught for over four years at Carnegie Mellon University. To enhance his work experience with structured corporate governance skills, Sumit also received a diploma from the Australian Institute of Company Directors. With expertise and experience as varied as his, Sumit is sought after to speak at industry forums and on television for his perspective on telecom, management, business, strategy and the Indian business environment. He is also invited extensively for inspirational and motivational talks on career development, multi-tasking, striking a balance in life, and following your passion. He enjoys studying networks of everything and creating a fractal model of explaining how and why things happen to us. He speaks on developing management principles to lead and influence a networked work force, innovation, leadership and whole-brain thinking.


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